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May 8, 2017

In honor of Mothers Day this is dedicated to all those who have influenced you in the kitchen with a special memory…


I always loved aprons.


My first memories of cooking with my grandmother always included wearing my very own apron. Our grandmother made us our first aprons and as we grew she made us bigger ones. There was an unwritten rule, when you cook or bake, wear your apron. Sure the aprons protected our clothes but there was more to it.


I never thought much about it when I was little. I loved to play dress up, and I felt as though I was playing dress up in order to be allowed to bake. As I got older I realized my mother always wore aprons, which she learned from her mother. If we began to cook or bake, her first words were always, “Let’s get our aprons on.”


When I got my first apartment during college, carefully packed among my kitchen and cooking supplies, my mother had included an apron.  There was a kitchen so it went without saying I would need an apron. As I started cooking on my own, I began paying more attention to aprons. I knew their function was important but suddenly I realized they were their own fashion statement. I still have my very first aprons and I continued to add to my assortment as time went on. Each one brings back memories of special times in the kitchen.


As I reflect, I know the aprons protected our clothes from getting dirty but there was more to it.  Putting on the apron was part of the fun of the cooking adventure. Having my own unique apron made just for me, allowed me to feel extra special and gave me the confidence that I knew what I was doing. Nothing would turn out bad when I was wearing my apron with my grandma, my mother, and sister by my side.  Those aprons were full of love and contributed to  my confidence.



My first aprons sewn by my Grandmother


So get yourself an apron, make a fashion statement and success with your next cooking endeavor is awaiting. You’ll spare yourself some excess laundry bills as well!


Here are some aprons I am currently loving. Do you have a cooking memory? Would love to hear about it, please share below!



Anthropologie Apron

Sur La Table

Target Apron

Bed Bath & Beyond

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